Tuija ”Purpleangel” Heikkilä

World of tattooing is like a jungle where every artist has a unique way of self expression.

Welcome to RubyPictures´artist page
Graphic designer, artist, photographer, musician, freelance reporter, dog breeder and tattoo artist Tuija “Purpleangel” Heikkilä.

In addition to my work in advertising I had a habit of painting – especially at nights. As the years went by I noticed that I was most active during the winter and most of my paintings have been made during that season. I have always had a fashination for tattoos and drawing gave birth to the idea of switching from pen and paper to skin and a tattoo machine. In 2008 I went to a workshop in tattooing and without much practise started tattooing directly in the skin. My own at first then my friends wanted a tattoo from me and their friends and soon I was tattooing total strangers. My dream of tattooing professionally had come true.

Some things that help in this work:

  • I like people
  • I’m not afraid of needles and blood
  • Iäm not afraid of pain, mine or that of others
  • I am perfectionist in what I do
  • I seek challenges

Personally I value my client’s opinion and their smile of satisfaction. I may always think there is something still for me to learn, but I want a reputation of being good and reliable.
I stress that one should get an individual tattoo. I will gladly design your tattoo by your description or based on a drawn stick-figure. Portrait-tattoos are my favorites and the designing process is major part of a great tattoo!