Art and music

Please translate in en_us: Taide

I have been drawing and painting all my life. Some of the paintings have been in exhibitions and have faced the jury even. I have had a few art courses but mainly I have taught myself the techniques, anatomy and lighting effects. I have also experimented with sculpting, glass engraving, sewing and canvas painting.

My greatest passion is the human face, the eyes and expressions. I used to paint lot´s of portraits of people and dogs and I still do sometimes upon request. Large portraits and custom t-shirt painting can still be requested.

Musicality has always been an integral part of my life and I have made a dozen songs. Three of them have reached demo stage…

Take a closer look at my art page:

Art gallery

There is a small art gallery at the studio, where you can buy PAINTINGS and various pieces of art such as art watches, hand painted cd-covers, shoulder bags, reprints of paintings, silk screen printed t-shirts and pillows cases (from my paintings), postcards, handmade ROCK’N ROLL PUPPETS etc.
Also art exhibitions with various themes and by visiting artists.